Devils Ivy


Looking for a plant that is lush and hardy plant that can survive in minimal light and is almost impossible to kill. This evergreen Devil's ivy is a trailing vine will thrive all year round, although variegated varieties may lose their colour in low-light conditions.  Devil's ivy is poisonous to cats and dogs, so avoid placing Devil's ivy on the floor inside if this is a significant risk. Instead, place it up high within a hanging basket, or on a shelf. Presented in our popular brass finish metallic planter. 

Approx 20cm high including plant and container.

DESIGN - Hand-picked by our floral designer from the best available plants on the day. The image is indicative of style only- plants may change due to availability or seasonal reasons. Or please call the store on 02 9319 1976 directly to discuss any specific requirements design or delivery options you have.

SYDNEY LOCKDOWN DELIVERY - We are still offering delivery service 7 days per week between 9am-12pm each day. 

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