Live Streaming Workshops 

We also offer a range of Live Streaming Online Workshops, such as Kokedama, Mini Terrarium and Christmas Wreath Making. Book via our partner Classbento, or contact us directly if you have any specific questions. Its easy, just make a booking for your team or private group, we then deliver a craft box with all the materials you will need, direct to your door, followed by a fun, safe, relaxing, live Zoom online workshop experiences. Delivery available to to all areas of NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT and SA. We can accomodate groups of minimum of 10 guests and up to 300 guests. These classes have been designed and developed with the support of the City Of Sydney


In Person Studio Workshops 

Merchant and Green teach a wide variety of popular in person Studio Workshops, topics include Terrariums, Kokedama, Australian Wildflower Arranging, Dried Flower Arranging, Ceramics and Macramé. Corporate and private group bookings welcome, please call the studio 02 9319 1976 or email service@merchantandgreen.com.au for bookings and further information. Our studio classes are currently suspended due to the extended Sydney Covid 19 lockdown.

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Succulent Terrarium Workshop 

Learn how to make a DIY open succulent terrarium (yours to keep) in this fun and accessible workshop in Sydney.
A terrarium is a small glass container containing tiny plants and unique soil accompanied by decorative elements, in case you didn't know. Terrariums thrive in indoor environments, and they're a practical way to bring some lush life to our everyday lives, which are increasingly devoid of nature. Terrariums take almost no effort to maintain and can easily live for many years if you follow the tips from this class. 
We will provide all of the premium ingredients, including a vase, a wide variety of river stones and three cute mini succulents to choose from as well as special moss and soil. You'll get easy-to-follow demonstrations, and the team will give you one-on-one feedback and tips along the way.
As this is an interactive and relaxing class, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions, reconnect with nature and get lost in the moment. Run your fingers through the textures of the soil and the stones, and breathe in some glorious earthy scents. Get creative as you select the elements and shape your mini garden landscape, just the way you like it. Will you make a Zen garden? A natural riverside landscape? Or get inspired on the day and create something unexpected!
Take away a personalised and expertly crafted terrarium, a Merchant & Green terrarium care card, a fond memory, as well as knowledge and skills enabling you to build more terrariums by yourself. Use your terrarium to beautify your home or office, or make it a hand-made gift for someone special.

Kokedama Workshop

Learn the art of making unique Japanese inspired moss balls from Sydney's highest-rated Kokedama teachers. 
Kokedama has been around for centuries. It's a variety of Bonsai, consisting of petite plants living off a ball of special soil and moss, bound by string. You can hang them, feature them in bowls, let them stand 'naked', or do something more creative!
Perfect for beginners and people who like to get closer to nature and get their hands dirty and those looking for something different to do. The Merchant & Green team will make it easy for you to follow along, and you'll be amazed by what you create with your own two hands.
You will make a set of three Kokedama moss balls, choosing from various succulents or seasonal indoor plants selected by your teacher on the day.
At the end of the class, you can take your new moss balls with you to style in your home. They also make an original gift for someone special. A Merchant and Green care card and carry bag is included. They're easy to take care of and will bring a nice touch of greenery into any space.


Dried Flower Arrangement Workshop 

In this relaxing Sydney dried flower workshop, which is perfect for beginners and budding florists, we will give you all the tools to create a boho-inspired arrangement of dried and preserved flowers and foliage.
Join us for an inspiring session at our studio and learn how to play with textures and create your long-lasting flower bouquet. Your experienced instructor will teach you how to combine the different elements and colours to get creatively hands-on and explore your style.
You will have a beautiful dried floral bouquet in a ceramic container to take home or gift to that special someone after the workshop.
This class is also available for private bookings, special events or occasions (where you're welcome to BYO drinks if you like) via request. In addition, group bookings for four to eight guests are welcome.

Wildflower Arranging Workshop

Make a beautiful bouquet from fresh Australian inspired and indigenous flowers and foliage in this fun and relaxing Sydney workshop. 

In this workshop, we will guide you every step of the way as there's more to a bouquet of wildflowers than meets the eye! Chris and his team will show you how best to select and combine elements to produce a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing bouquet while allowing you to display your creativity. You'll learn a few different ways of arranging bouquets and let your creative juices flow.
You'll feel at ease in the Merchant and Green workshop space and be inspired as you learn about and celebrate the best of Australian flora in this hands-on and playful class.
Walk away with a stunning arrangement (perfect for decorating the home or for gifting), a fond memory, and a fresh perspective on flowers.

Handmade Ceramics Workshop

Have you been thinking about making ceramics but haven’t given it a try yet? Come along and learn how to hand make ceramics, in our intimate and relaxed studio. You will take home two to three of your own beautiful ceramics.

This workshop is perfect for beginners as our guest ceramic artist Linda Bretherton, will teach you how to create simple and beautiful forms in stoneware clay, using just your hands. No knowledge required. beginners are very welcome!

In this two-hour tactile workshop, you will learn how to shape your own hand-built pottery, embellish with imprinting with botanics to create decoration. With lots of helpful guidance and encouragement, you will have the opportunity to make two to three pieces of your choosing. Examples of work you might produce include small plates, bowls and dishes and platters.