“World without poetry is like a lover without a rose” – Shiny

We all know that red roses are the ultimate symbol of love. But a red rose is not always just a red rose. Well, not to a florist anyway!

Our team at Merchant & Green take Valentine’s Day very seriously and ensure that we bring in only the finest, most premium roses on the market. This year? It’s all about the Freedom, the Explorer and the Red Panther.

Freedom Roses

A classic. These are, by far, the most widely produced red roses. Freedom roses were first bred in 1989 in California and created specifically to be highly resistant to insects and diseases, so they’re most trouble-free roses that you can grow. The Freedom Rose variety produces beautiful blooms ranging from a rich pink to a stunning scarlet colour. Their cup-shaped bloom features tightly packed petals, which gradually swirl outwards from the centre.

Explorer Roses

A stunner. Explorer Roses were developed to withstand the cold Canadian winters and thrive in warm and humid summers. Developed by Agriculture Canada in the 1960s, they’re very easy to care for, needing minimal or no spraying for disease and insects, and are hardy to -35 C with only snow to protect them! They are medium to deep red with a classic look and full double blooms.

Red Panther Roses

A showstopper. These beautiful two-tone roses were created to stand out in the crowd. Red Panther Roses are a velvety burgundy red with distinct fuschia markings across their gorgeous, big heads. This variety packs a punch and gives any arrangement a luxurious appeal.