True to our name, and with a commitment to reducing our environmental impact and footprint, Merchant and Green have joined the Carbon Neutral program, offsetting an initial 35 tonnes of CO2 through the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project in south-western Australia.

This project aims 'to link small patches of remnant vegetation and nature reserves by planting mixed native tree and shrub species on degraded ex-agricultural land. Through planting species highly adapted to the region, the revegetation project encourages the reintroduction of endangered species and combats desertification in this Global Biodiversity Hotspot', along with sequestering carbon. This is one of the ways we are continuing in our journey as a carbon neutral enterprise.

The environmental benefits of the program are clear - clean air, creating habitat for native wildlife, restoring landscapes, building biodiversity and improving soil and water quality. 

There's also a useful Carbon Footprint Calculator on the Carbon Neutral site, that you can use to understand contributors to climate impacts, and consider ways to a change certain behaviours - such as looking at travel or waste patterns or energy use. 

There are steps each of us can take toward everyday climate action. And small steps become bigger steps, as we join as communities and businesses; collectively, the momentum continues to build as we address the climate crisis together - empowered and more resilient. 

It starts with observation and interaction - the first principle of permaculture, and a tool for thinking and actively re-designing our ways of being in the environment. As we engage with the natural world - wherever it is we live - and understand our relationship with our world, we can create more harmonious patterns and rhythms. 

After all, caring for the health of this incredible planet is also taking care of each other.


Image credit: Carbon Neutral