If you think hydrangeas are a bit old fashioned, then think again. They’re experience a resurgence in popularity, and we can see why! 

These gorgeous, romantic flowers with their massive blooms are a mainstay in our house this time of year, and we’re crushing particularly hard on the brilliant blue tones. 

These flowers have a delicate appearance, but they’re quite robust and hardy. Plus, they dry beautifully, which makes them the type of gift that keeps on giving. Just remember – cut hydrangeas are thirsty! Keep your eye on the water level and trim the stems regularly. Hydrangeas should last up to two weeks in a vase depending on the variety. You can also spray the flower heads with water if they start looking a little dry or wilted.

Pick up some hydrangea stems from our Redfern studio in Sydney or give us a call, and we can create a custom hydrangea arrangement to match your space.