At Merchant and Green, we love to help you get growing at home, any which way you can. We’ve recently added these beauties to our curated collection in store, to get your urban grow spaces as active as can be, and to give you the tools to match your enthusiasm as you watch your green world grow. 


Microherbs are delicious greens that are harvested whilst young - typically a few weeks after germination. They are the perfect crop for the urban environment where there is limited space for growing, and for those just starting out. I remember picking herbs from a narrow strip of garden at home when I was young, to add to our scrambled eggs on the weekend..what a joy it was to top our breakfast with something that was literally just growing out the front.

These kits are designed specifically to sit happily on your windowsill and support you to grow a little of what you eat  - which is an enjoyable, delicious and reassuring thing to do. (And they're also really good looking.) 

This UrbanGreens Grow Kit includes:

  • a beautiful porcelain windowsill box with bamboo lid and drip tray (40cm x 8cm x 7cm)
  • three microgreen varieties: basil, parsley and chive seeds (a great culinary trio) 
  • sustainable organic coir propagation mix
  • growing instructions and tips for an abundant yield

UrbanGreens are based in NSW, with fully Australian made ranges that are created to be purposeful, sustainable and gratifying. So - grow some greens for yourself, your friends and neighbours, knowing that it's a thoughtful step for the planet and you're also supporting local. 



Water is essential for plant growth in many ways - for photosynthesis, which is how plants create food from sunlight; it's a critical part of getting your seeds to germinate and it's important for temperature regulation too. So perhaps this glass watering can is a little gem you’d like to include for your home or office, or for someone you know who is just plant-crazy. 

Handmade from durable borosilicate glass, this watering can is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Pop it on your shelf where you’ll be reminded to add a little water to your plant babes. We love a clear watering can so you can really observe and understand the variation in the watering needs of plants through the seasons, and this classic design is just picture perfect too - not one to hide under the laundry sink.

And remember – keep an eye on the level of sunshine and heat that comes into your home or growing space throughout the warmer months; if your plants need a little less direct sunlight, add a little shade cloth or pop them in another part of the house on the hottest days.



We're advocates for always having the right tools for the job, and are pleased to introduce these high quality, lightweight snips for your plant tool kit. A grip-friendly design, with a needle-nose tip for easy harvesting and pruning, this steel and enamel set is durable and ergonomically sound. 

We find it helpful to have a dedicated pair of gardening snips to use rather than scissors - they have a spring mechanism making them easy to use and their pointed nose means you can snip closely and cleanly. 


These Munash Organics kits are a well-rounded way to give your plants some extra care - building healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy foliage. Each kit includes:

  • Indoor Plant Soil Food  - a slow release formula which feeds little and often, keeping your plants happy and fed regularly
  • Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic concentrate - simply add to water to support indoor plants to grow and thrive
  • Indoor Plant Foliage Spray - a liquid formula containing 40 essential micro minerals to give your leaves a nourishing boost

Made by a passionate team in Victoria who are committed to bringing you the best quality natural products to use in even the smallest backyard, to show you how to grow the very best plants you and your family + housemates will enjoy.

Merchant & Green - proud to be your botanical lifestyle store. Pop past to see us at 686 Bourke Street Redfern for these and more ideas for your urban growing dreams. We're always happy to answer your questions and keen to get you growing.