Spring is such a glorious time of the year and we’d love to share with you a few of our seasonal favourites.


We adore the arrival of Icelandic poppies at this time of the year - their delicate ruffles are just so entrancing. A symphony of watercolour tones from gentle pastels to bold expressions, it’s a wonder to watch their transformation as the green fuzzy flower pods start to open, revealing the colour of the textured beauty inside. They are simply a perfect bloom for an enmasse display.

Whilst often considered ephemeral as a cut flower, poppies can last well over a week with a little care. When you get your poppies home, pop on the kettle for a cup of boiling water. Cut the stems a couple of inches from the base at a 45 degree angle (to maximise surface area for water uptake). Fill a cup with the hot water and submerge the cut ends for about 10 seconds. This process scalds the stem and helps your poppies stay quite perky, and helps the flower buds to open and develop.

Poppies are a often seen as a symbol of peace, with the red poppy being the sign of remembrance. 

We source our poppies from small and local growers, for you to enjoy. 


Ranunculus are the epitome of joy, with their layer upon layer of soft petals. Equally stunning as tight flower heads  as when fully opened, they're a riot of colour. A member of the buttercup family, ranuncs (as they are fondly known) are with us through spring, and at times through to early summer. A long-lasting cut flower, with fresh water and stem trim regularly, these blooms will last you a couple of weeks.

Another wonderful enmasse option, we love these blooms in an ombre collection – think a trio of soft pink, coral and orange – for a sophisticated design on your dining table. Also stunning paired with frilled parrot tulips, and complimented with soft foliage such as peppermint gum or peppercorn foliage.


Freesias are a flower of fond memories, with their distinctive fragrance and just-picked-from-the-wilds essence. Classically in white, yellow and purple, their gentle arching stem holds the promise of young flower buds yet to blossom.

Wonderful for a relaxed flourish in a vintage vase on your bedside table, or sitting lovingly in rows along an al fresco dining table for a long lunch with loved ones, complimented by bright napkins and a glass of bubbles.

Snow Cone

And may we introduce Snow Cone, our latest seasonally-inspired selection capturing the essence of gelato enjoyed on a sunny afternoon. Fluffy disbud and bright green spider chrysanthemum sit alongside open roses, delphinium and gladioli, completed with a phaleonopsis orchid stem. 

Head to the website to order Snow Cone for someone you love, with same day delivery available for orders made before 11am.

Allow our team of florists to select the very best flowers fresh from market, to create your bespoke design in store - handmade with care.