Our favourite foolproof gift – to get or give – is simple and never fails: a gorgeous, fragrant candle. Nothing uplifts our mood faster than lighting one up and letting its scent fill the room.

Gascoigne & King’s high-quality candles are our go-to. We love their unique, layered fragrances – like ‘Belle’ that includes notes of fresh-cut grass, geranium, spearmint, bergamot and citrus, or their newest creation, ‘Paddington’, that is a perfect combination of tulips and earthy tuberose. 'Figue' is definitely a timeless favourite, which offers an earthy fragrance of fig tree & fresh ripe figs, or there's 'Gardenia Veitchii', which speaks for itself! What’s more, this local brand is all about caring for the environment while also supporting local business.

Not only are Gascoigne & King's range of luxurious candles handmade in Surry Hills, but they're crafted from sustainably farmed and non-GM soy wax and essential oils. The brand takes it a step further by packaging its candles in reusable and recyclable glassware and using locally made, forestry-certified and recyclable boxes. Even their printing is done in Sydney!

So go ahead – get your home smelling divine and practise a little mindfulness, all while supporting local.