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Our favourite foolproof gift – to get or give – is simple and never fails: a gorgeous, fragrant candle. Nothing uplifts our mood faster than lighting one up and letting its scent fill the room.

Gascoigne & King’s high-quality candles are our go-to. We love their unique, layered fragrances their newest creation, ‘Paddington’, that is a perfect combination of tulips and earthy tuberose. What’s more, this local brand is all about caring for the environment while also supporting local business.

Aria - Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Sage / Red Berries / Jasmine / Violet

Gardenia Veitchii - The Veitchii is a classic Gardenia variety, and this simple yet elegant fragrance perfectly captures the essence of Gardenia.

Figue - A timeless favourite, Figue embodies the classic earthy fragrances of fig tree & fresh ripe figs.

Paddington - Reminiscent of a delightful morning walk amongst the terrace gardens of Paddington, this stylish fragrance is a perfect combination of tulips and earthy tuberose.


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