DIY Garden Terrarium Kit


This DIY at home, Garden Terrarium Kit contains soil, pebbles, brown moss, charcoal, toadstool decorations, a little glass bottle and instructions on how to put together your terrarium. A great gift for budding green thumbs to create their very own tiny ecosystem. Assemble your kit, add your own plants, put on the lid and water sparingly.

Made in Australia.

Suitable for kids ages 6 and up, parental supervision required to assemble.

This DIY Kit contains;

Soil, pebbles, brown moss, charcoal, 2x little mushroom ornaments, 1L glass jar with a cork lid, step by step instruction card, 2x fresh little succulents and dry moss 

(The lid is decorative only, please water 1 table spoon per week and keep lid off the top of the jar.)

DESIGN - The image is indicative of style only. Please call the store on 02 9319 1976 directly to discuss any specific requirements design or delivery options you may have.

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